Friday, 6 June 2008

Big Brother

OK, OK, you can feel free to stop reading here. This will NOT be a hagiography of this programme. I groaned to myself when I knew it was immenent. However, there is not one but TWO people who may be described as "disabled" in the House, this year. Whether or not they choose to define themselves in this way is, of course, their choice. Without wanting to define the two chaps purely in terms of their impairments, I will just say that Mikey is a comedian who just happens to be blind and Darnell was raised in America and just happens to have Albinism. They seem like two lovely fellas to me, and I hope they go a long way; and not just get the "sympathy vote". They deserve to be known as people in their own right. I look forward to seeing how things go in the House...

1 comment:

Philip. said...

I certainly hope they go a long way too, especially Mikey as I think blindness must be such a terrible impairment.

Cool blog, by the way :-)

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