Friday, 25 July 2008

Sorry Dear Readers!

I've not been on here for what seems like an age. I've also not watched much Big Brother. Alas, Darnell has been put up for eviction, and so we'll have to see what happens tonight. Once, somebody voted for him to be evicted because he didn't look at her when he talked.... Hmm. There may be more than one reason for this; I'm not sure if Darnell has a visual impairment as a result of Albinism, but it's one possibility. Also, in some cultures it's rude to look at someone when you're talking to them. So he should've been given a break. Another voted for him on the same day because he took VERY long baths.... I can imagine that's annoying, particularly if there's only one bath! As I say, I don't know what's upset them this time, so we'll wait and see. I've turned my attention more to "Britain's Missing Top Model", which is turning out to be a gripping watch. I'd have taken part, but I'm the wrong side of 40, the wrong side of 5 feet tall and the wrong side of 9 stone.... Oh dear, I've given far too much away. I'm still undecided about who to support - but I do like Jess. She seems lovely. I've read some of her posts on the Ouch! website and she's a sweetie. There's a bit of bitching going on, but as someone pointed out on a discussion board, that's what models are like in the "real" world, so why shouldn't they be the same? So, more suspense than you can shake a stick at, then!

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